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Post   on Sat Apr 06, 2013 9:49 pm

As the subject, the software is full cracked, no limited and forever to be used.

If you need it, please email to:

And we also have many other softwares, for example:

Synopsys SaberRD vD-2011.03.Win32
Synopsys Saber vC-2009.03 Linux
Synopsys SaberHDL Y-2006.06 WinALL
Synopsys Simif vC-2009.09.SP1. Linux
Synopsys Simif vB-2008.09 Sparc64
Synopsys Simif vB-2008.09 SparcOS5
Synopsys SmartModel Library v2009.06a Linux
Synopsys SmartModel Library v2009.06a Linux64
Synopsys SPW vE-2010.12 Win32
Synopsys SPW vE-2010.12 Linux
Synopsys ssd vA-2007.09 Linux
Synopsys Starrc vD-2010.06 Linux
Synopsys StarRCXT vD-2009.12 LinuxAMD64
Synopsys Spice Explorer 2009.09 WinALL
Synopsys SpiceExplore vD-2010.06 Linux
Synopsys SX-a2008.03 SP1 Linux
Synopsys Synthesis Tools tool vD-2010.03 Linux
Synopsys Synthesis Tools tool vD-2010.03 LinuxAMD64
Synopsys TCAD Sentaurus vD-2010.03.Linux
Synopsys Tcad Sentaurus vD-2010.03.LinuxAMD64
Synopsys Tcad Taurus Medici vD-2010.03 Linux
Synopsys Tcad Taurus MD vC-2009.06 LinuxAMD64
Synopsys Tcad Taurus Tsuprem4 vD-2010.03 Linux
Synopsys Tcad Taurus TS4 vC-2009.06 LinuxAMD64
Synopsys TX vC-2010.03 SP2 Linux
Synopsys TX vC-2009.06 SP3 LinuxAMD64
Synopsys TX vC-2009.06 SP1 SUS32
Synopsys TX vC-2009.06 SP1 SUS64
Synopsys TX vC-2009.06 SP1 x86SOL32
Synopsys TX vC-2009.06 SP1 x86SOL64
Synopsys TXS vC-2009.06 SP3 Linux
Synopsys TXS vC-2009.06 SP3 LinuxAMD64
Synopsys TXS vC-2009.06 SP1 SUS32
Synopsys TXS vC-2009.06 SP1 SUS64
Synopsys TXS vC-2009.06 SP1 x86SOL32
Synopsys TXS vC-2009.06 SP1 x86SOL64
Synthesis Tools tool vZ-2007.03 SP1 Linux
Sentaurus vX-2005.10 SP1 Linux

If you need it or anyelse, please email to:

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